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6 x 400m Races in 5 Consecutive Days?

October is the 48th anniversary of the 1968 Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City.  You've probably seen the highlights on Facebook. Those Games will be best remembered by the Tommie Smith & John Carlos protest, but other track fans will remember sub 10 for 100m, sub 20 for 200m, and sub 44 for … [Read More...]

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5 Olympic Themes Videos

1. Andre DeGrasse This video from Neomotion Films based in Atlanta has a lot of great insight from Stu McMillian, Dan Pfaff and Andreas Behm. There is a lot of … [Read More...]

2016 Rio Olympic Recap

What a great 9 days of competition.  Perhaps the reason why it's so special because it's every 4 years? These are, after all, the Olympic Games, where once upon a time, war was paused to allow the … [Read More...]