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Back to the Basics of Speed

If you missed the excerpt from the upcoming book The Sprinters Compendium, here is the link to the Free Chapter. (over 6000 people have downloaded this already) If you missed Ryan Banta’s last two videos & presentation, go to Long-to-Short or Short-to-Long? Comparing & Contrasting … [Read More...]

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The Perfect 4x100m Relay?

First, congrats on the GBR team for winning the 4x100m relay ay the 2017 World Championships. Choosing your relay squad can be more complicated that doing your taxes. It's no longer "top 4 … [Read More...]

Sprinting Lane Draws, Revisited

There was some discussion on social media about unfair lane draws for the Mens 200m at the 2017 World Championships. Here is the Start List for the Finals: According to the rules, How you … [Read More...]