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Understanding How a Photo Finish Camera Works

This article is guest blogged by Sten Kaiser, creator of the iPhone sprintTimer and iPhone fitnessMeter. Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) with Photo Finish has long been an established technique to time races at large event like the Olympics since 1948. It has also been a requirement for setting … [Read More...]

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5 Olympic Themes Videos

1. Andre DeGrasse This video from Neomotion Films based in Atlanta has a lot of great insight from Stu McMillian, Dan Pfaff and Andreas Behm. There is a lot of … [Read More...]

2016 Rio Olympic Recap

What a great 9 days of competition.  Perhaps the reason why it's so special because it's every 4 years? These are, after all, the Olympic Games, where once upon a time, war was paused to allow the … [Read More...]