Asafa Powell Coach Stephen Francis Coaching Seminar

If you enjoyed my casual and candid live coaching videos of John Smith with Jon Drummond demonstrating a drills session or Clyde Hart Drill’s session, you might find this series of videos informative from YouTube.

In these videos, we have Coach Stephen Francis explaining how to prepare for sprinting at a session. This was organized in Trinidad for coaches and athletes at the Hasley Crawford stadium.

Who the heck is Stephen Francis?

Stephen Francis created the MVP (Maximizing Velocity and Power) club in 2001 based in University of Technology (U-tech), Kingston, Jamaica. He is best known for being the coach of Asafa Powell. On the women’s side, he coaches the 2008 Beijing Olympic 100 meters Gold and Silver medalist Sherone Simpson & Shelly-Ann Fraser, 2008 Beijing Olympic 400 meters Silver medalist Shericka Williams, 2008 Beijing Olympic 400m hurdles Gold medalist Melaine Walker, and Bridgette Foster-Hylton.

It’s hard to believe Asafa Powell joined the club in the Fall of 2001 with a personal best of 10.70!

Among the tips and advice for sprinters are the concepts of warming up, stretching, hydrating, and mobilization exercises for best sprinting results. He also covers topics such as the start, the drive phase, using blocks, and the proper use of arms.

The session is a bit elementary, but if you wanted a more polished video, there are hundreds to choose from. But, hey, you can’t beat free.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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