Jessica Hardy and the Supplement Contamination Saga

Once again, we have another case of an alleged supplement contamination.

I don’t know who to believe anymore. It’s a classic case of “he said, she said”.

I’ll let the facts unravel and have the courts decide. Better to be tried by 12, then hung by 6 or shot by 5, right?

But this case is a bit complicated, as it spans 2 states (Texas and California), and different results (positive vs. negative) from 3 different certification laboratories (The Anti-Doping Research, NSF International, and Informed-Choice).

At the USA 2008 Olympic Trials, Jessica Hardy won the 100-meter breaststroke, came second in the 50-meter freestyle and placed fourth in the 100-meter freestyle, good enough to qualify for 3 events.

Clenbuterol for increase breathing capability and fat Loss

She tested positive for Clenbuterol, which is an anti-asthma medication similar to albuterol found in inhalers. These drugs can increase breathing capability, especially in swimming where your breathing can be restrictive. Clenbuterol has been widely known to stimulate fat loss and keep athletes leaner.

Her “bumped up” replacements went on to win medals at Beijing, including Dara Torres, so it’s fair to say Jessica Hardy could have won 3 medals too.

As Hardy was preparing her negligence and product liability claim against AdvoCare from Los Angeles, AdvoCare beat her to the punch and filed its own defamation complaint in a Dallas federal court. AdvoCare’s head office is Carrollton, TX, just north of Dallas.

Hardy’s attorney is Howard Jacobs. Does his name ring a bell? It should. Jacobs represented Floyd Landis, Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery. Don’t let the 0-3 fool you. He has filed successful product liability claims against numerous supplement companies.

In my past article on supplement contamination, I gave numerous cases where athletes blamed the supplements companies when they tested positive. Give Dieter Baumann, the 5000m 1992 Olympic gold medalist, credit for blaming his toothpaste and not his supplements!

Which Lab is Correct?

Jessica Hardy’s camp called in Don Catlin’s Anti-Doping Research in Los Angeles. AdvoCare’s camp called in NSF International.

The Anti-Doping Research group found traces of clenbuterol in samples of Arginine Extreme and Nighttime Recovery from her remaining supplements in her possession.

Conversely, NSF International found no traces of clenbuterol in their sample pool, which included the same distribution lots used by Hardy.

A third supplement certification lab, Informed-Choice, also tested the same products and found no traces of clenbuterol.


Pick and choose your supplements carefully. Or rather, pick your supplement companies carefully. I recommend Energy First.

You are 100% responsible on what you consume, and if you test positive, you’d better explain where those results came from. Even if it’s from toothpaste! Or it could be worse… Tyler Hamilton used his unborn twin brother for his explanation of genetically foreign cells in his body to dispute a blood transfusion!

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