Usain Bolt 4x100m Relay Anchor Leg at Zurich Video

Imagine if someone said to the Jamaican 4x100m Team:

“You can’t win, all you have is Usain Bolt”.

Afterwards, in victory of course, Jamaica would reply:

“All you need is Usain Bolt”.

In Zurich, 45 minutes after his 9.81 100 meter victory, we finally get a chance to see Bolt run the Anchor.

Bolt gets the final baton pass with the American Wallace Spearmon 2 strides ahead, but Jamaica narrowly wins with a 37.70 victory over the American team’s 37.73.

We’ll have to wait for the official final splits of that relay leg, but it may compare to Bob Hayes 8.5 sec hand time (8.74 converted to FAT) from the 1964 Olympics or Asafa Powell’s 8.70 split time from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

At the 2007 World Championships in Osaka, Asafa Powell recorded a 8.84 anchor split.

With a 9.58 second personal best, Usain Bolt can surely run 8.58 with a running start.

And who said Usain Bolt was tired?

One thing I noticed was Usain Bolt receiving the baton in his left hand and immediately changing it to his right, just like Carl Lewis. This is why Usain prefers to run 3rd as he is more comfortable right handed

UPDATE: Check back on this site in a few hours for the latest Video of the Usain Bolt’s come from behind anchor leg in Zurich, courtesy of EuroSport and YouTube!

UPDATE: Sorry, the video is no longer on YouTube.

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