San Jose State University – Saving Winter Field

This is part 2 of 2 from my recent visit to the Bay Area, California

After viewing the Tommie Smith – John Carlos 23 foot statute at San José State University, the next item on my agenda was to drive down S 10th street towards Spartan Stadium and visit Winter Field.

This was the same track where all the Speed City legends trained and raced back in the 1960’s, named after long-time coach Bud Winter.

I drove by Spartan Stadium and must have missed the track.  I knew it was to my left.  I drove by again and passed a parking lot.  Hmmm, strange.

I saw a few joggers circling this disgusting worn out bluish-grey tartan oval.  Several sections had potholes with missing or ripped out tartan sections.  Was this it?  Can this overflow parking lot be the site of the famous Winter Field?

Apparently, yes.

I was totally appalled at the current state of the track.  Even Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica was better maintained!  (and that was decommissioned in 1974).  San José State University ended their Track and Field Program in 1988.

The plaque that honoured  Bud Winter is now gone.  (Let’s hope the administration took it away for safe keeping – I am an optimist!)

SJSU plans to replace the field with a modern soccer complex and parking lot.

The city of San Jose has sanctioned $14 million dollars to help SJSU build a new sporting complex where Winter Field resides.

There’s no reason why they can’t build a multi-purpose facility that includes a Track and grass infield.  The sad trend of modern stadiums is building soccer and football fields with Astroturf inside a track oval, which eliminates any chance of hosting a track meet with throwing or jumping events (** cough cough Santa Barbara City College cough cough **)

If you want to take part in saving Winter Field, Contact SJSU Coach William Brown at (510) 406-2652 or email him at

Below are some photos of Winter Field.




Jimson Lee

Jimson Lee

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Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
  • I think it is statue not statute. Well, in a way ist could be a statute; how to do sprinting the Bud Wineter Way. I guess.