Calculating 100 meter Potential from 30 meter Flys

Friday’s article on Calculating 400 meter Potential stopped at 60 meters. 

So to continue the downward spiral, I will show some extrapolations from 30 meter fly times or running start.

You can use the Freelap to accurately test 30 meter fly times.

I wrote a lengthy piece on What is a good time for 30 meters for Soccer and Football a year ago, which accounts for the acceleration.

If you want to do this test with blocks, then I add 1 full second for acceleration out of the blocks, as referenced in the Valeri Borzov – Training Procedures in Sprinting article

Calculating 100 meter Potential from 30 meters

First number 30m fly time (seconds), second number 100m time using blocks.  (Add 1 second if you use blocks)

  • 3.30 = 11.99
  • 3.20 = 11.67
  • 3.10 = 11.34
  • 3.00 = 11.00
  • 2.95 = 10.84
  • 2.90 = 10.67
  • 2.85 = 10.50
  • 2.80 = 10.34
  • 2.75 = 10.17
  • 2.70 = 10.00
  • 2.65 = 9.84

So, to break 11 seconds for the 100 meters, you’ll need to run at least 4.00 for 30 meters with blocks, or 3.00 without blocks with a flying start.

Speed does not lie.

How do you stack up?

Just to put this in perspective, from above, world class elite sprinters go under 3.70 with blocks or 2.70 with a running start.

30 meter split times

Jimson Lee

Jimson Lee

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Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
  • Jimson, have you seen the splits for the 2008 Olympic Trials? In it you will see women who are running mid 2.8 range but are going 10.9 – 11.0 generally. For the men, 2.6 low equal to around 10.0 range. I believe the info can be found on the USATF website. What do you attribute these differences too?

  • I am a slow 100 runner i run like a 14 sec as a 10th grader but i think i can get a good 400 time. can i? i have alot of endurance.

  • Hi mr. Lee, im glad that i can comunicate with you, im a reader of your website, and i want to give you a congratulations for ir, is very usefull and fun!. I have a cuestión for you in reference on this article, If i want to do a 30m fly how much can i take for a previous distance? I mean, i do a lots of flying repetitions, and i take 20-30m of distance, is that good to have a more exactly time in that table? Sorry, my english is not that good! Regarts (y)