How to Do Different Starts… 2 Point, 3 Point, Falling Starts

When I updated the original Rocket Sprint Start by Bud Winter, I only covered the use of starting blocks, and to some degree, the Moye starting block.

I didn’t cover the 800m (and up) crouch start, nor did I talk about football’s 3-point 40 yard dash or even baseball’s 60 yard dash.

In our track sessions, we don’t always use blocks in time trials.  We use “falling starts” or a 2 point “pike start” and start timing on first movement. 

On 30m fly tests with the Freelap, sometimes I use the 800m crouch start and can reach near top speed by the 30m run in.

Start Mechanics and Training Applications DVD

Start Mechanics and Training Applications

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If you are looking for an all in one program that discusses ALL TYPES of starts, then you’ll enjoy Start Mechanics and Training Applications by Derek Hansen.  Derek and I had a track team back when I was in Vancouver and produced one Olympian in Bobsled (Steve Larsen) and one Commonwealth Games bronze medalist in the 4x100m (Nathan Taylor).

Derek is also the Head S&C coach at SFU so he knows his stuff when it comes to football and all varsity sports.

There wasn’t a program that discussed the 4 types of starts for all sports, which was the inspiration to make this all-in-one DVD.

Until now.  The video discusses:

1. Free Form Starts

This includes Falling Starts, Push Up-Starts for shuttle runs, Lateral Starts for baseball, 3-Point starts for football, and of course 4-Point Starts for Track and Field sprints.

2. Medicine Ball Starts

This includes Med-Ball and Roll-Back Push Start, Hop to Med-Ball Push Start, Lateral Med-Ball Throw and Start.

3. Resisted Starts

This includes Partner Resistance on Shoulders (a must for young sprinters!), Resistance Band Falling Start & Three-Point Starts, Sled Dragging Falling Starts & Three-Point Starts.

4. Obstacle Starts

This includes Small Hurdle Step-Overs into Sprint, Lateral Hurdle Step-Overs into Sprint, Lateral Side-Step into Linear Sprint, and Multiple High Hurdle Hop into Sprint.

The video is sold as a physical DVD and the online/download version for computers and mobile devices.

>> Click here to order Start Mechanics and Training Applications

For readers, Save 10% if you order before Sunday March 4th, 2012.

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Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee