The Ultimate Guide to Workout Nutrition

Nutrition for active people comes down to several factors.

  1. the event you do: strength/power based, endurance based or circuit training
  2. the pre-workout: what to drink and when to eat
  3. fluids during the event (and eat if you do ultra-marathons)
  4. the post workout out: when to eat, and what

That basically sums up the checklist.

Yeah, great stuff, but what are the answers to the quiz, Professor Lee?

FIRST, there is a long series I wrote titled Sports and Energy Drinks: The Complete Guide (Part 4).  Start there and work backwards.

SECOND, for more information on post workout recovery drinks, read

I even wrote about the quest for the perfect shake and snack as well as (chocolate) milk being the ultimate post-recovery drink.

THIRD, check out this infographic below.  Class dismissed.

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Jimson Lee

Jimson Lee

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I am a Masters Athlete and Coach currently based in London UK. My other projects include the Bud Winter Foundation, writer for the IAAF New Studies in Athletics Journal (NSA) and a member of the Track & Field Writers of America.
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
  • Hello fellow athletes,

    I’m writing for thoughts/ feedback on something I’m struggling with. I believe I fell victim to overtraining during a very difficult period in my life. I was going through the significant stress of two side by side lost pregnancies and financial stress. At this time I completely ignored my nutritional needs while I continued my running workouts to burn stress. I was also cleaning a filthy bar to cover medical expenses inhaling all kinds of toxins. Im a 32 year old female. Ive been an athlete since I was a little girl and incredibly muscular. Literally the fastest girl in my class and always the best at anything athletic. I was a Gymnast in my youth, runner in adolescence and now swim, bike, and do yoga as well. After this particularly stressful period I became ill and it brought out an Autoimmune thyroid disorder called Hoshimotos Thyroiditis and I quite literally became bed ridden. At one point I couldn’t even get myself to go to work, which was a desk job. They told me I was also “adrenally fatigued.” At one point during all of this I came down with Acute pyelonephritis (very bad kidney infection) and was hospitalized for a week which did nothing for my strength. So in a matter of six months I went from the epitome of health to a very low energy, brittle person.

    I have been on supplement and thyroid support for about 8-12 months but have noticed my muscles have atrophied and I am just not the same physically as I was. I truly believe everything I’m eating and doing is all I can do. Now it just takes time. My boundless energy and strength has been depleted and I literally have sagging skin on my forearms. I try to stay positive and am on a very healthy regime of veggie smoothies and protein, and no gluten. I’m thinking it will take time (possibly years) for my skin to catch up to the weight I lost in my “hyper” mode. I workout as much as my energy allows and am very consciences about replacing calories. I really would like to hear from someone out there who has gone through an illness as an athlete and managed to get back to where they were especially females. The female body is different. I know lance armstrong got through cancer and I know numerous others are out there but I want to know the details. I want to know it’s going to get better? I realize I am getting older, I’m 32 but I literally went from having the stamina of a 26 year old to feeling almost 60. I was “ripped” and now people describe me as “slight” and just don’t look or feel like ME anymore. I would appreciate any words of advice or wisdom from anyone with anything to say. Do you know of any good books by athletes who’ve over come illness?

    I speak to athletes all the time now when I come across them. Just yesterday I spoke with a marathon runner who looked like she weighed an ounce. I asked her what she ate pre and post workout, she told me a bowl of cereal and a red bull and I shuddered. We think because we are staying active we are helping our bodies but I am living proof we have to do more than that.