Fireside Chat: Sprint Coach, Strength Coach & Physical Therapist Triad

At the Professional level, you have 4 people responsible in your overall training program and racing schedule: Sprint Coach, Strength Coach, Physical Therapist and Sports Agent (Click here on how to choose a Sports Agent or going Pro)

At the Elite level, we usually have 3 people, or what I call the Triad: Sprint Coach, Strength Coach and Physical Therapist.

In smaller clubs, and even high school, often these 3 people are the same person!  I know, I am the guy who has to massage the athletes because we can’t afford to send our physiotherapist/massage therapist on the road, especially Europe.

So what are the challenges?  Are they in sync?

Are you going to do full squats after a speed workout?

Can you physically do a full squat?  Are there physical limits on your range of motion?

In last week’s Fireside Chat, I asked Derek Hansen on How to Pick a Good Sprint Coach (it was a theme from several email questions I get on a daily basis).

As you can see/hear from our chat, it’s a delicate balance and hopefully there aren’t any personality differences or conflicts between staff members!

Derek has to deal with 20 different head coaches from various sports, so grab a drink and listen in.

Jimson Lee

Jimson Lee

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I am a Masters Athlete and Coach currently based in London UK. My other projects include the Bud Winter Foundation, writer for the IAAF New Studies in Athletics Journal (NSA) and a member of the Track & Field Writers of America.
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
  • A few thoughts, the use of the terminology physical therapists here is skewing your conversation. There are various people who can care for your athletes. Some times is this a PT, yes, but a lot of times its an athletic trainer in the high school/collegiate setting. Also, it could be a soft tissue person like a massage therapists/chiropractor/or other allied healthcare professional. The most important factor is not necessarily the creditials, but their understanding of the sport and demands on the body. This cooperation between professionals must be athlete centered and coach driven, and quality professional supported.

    • @Randybatc, yes, the terminology “therapist” refers to whole range of people, including Chiro, athletic trainer, Soft tissue massage, ART, Physiotherapist… I meant no disrespect when I lumped them all in one category :)

  • I love the Fireside Chats..Please give us more…Love to hear some questions regarding the Elite Middle school and High school athletes ;-)

    Thanks for sharing these great insights

  • Think of all the different professionals involved that do have to work well together and even have the same philosophy. It is incredible to see what it takes to maintain an athlete.