Carmelita Jeter Weight Training Sessions

I love reality TV for elite athletes.

That’s why I try to post as much training videos from Olympic athletes and coaches.  (i.e. Clyde Hart speed drills or David Oliver’s explosive weight training sessions)

Yesterday’s post asked the famous question, “Should you do your weights before or after the track session?”.

Obviously, both are good, as long as you know the reasons behind the benefits of both.

Carmelita Jeter Weight Training Sessions

Carmelita Jeter weight training videos were posted during the London Olympics.

Take a look below, and note how her sessions are in the morning!  7:30am!  Even Coach John Smith is there, because he arrives at 7:20am.  Carmelita Jeter, on the other hand, is usually the first person there at 7:05am because she is highly motivated for reasons outside of track.  Jeter is supporting her younger sister (as her legal guardian), and knows Track is her profession, so she treats it as her job.  She is all business.

Do you treat your weight and running sessions like your job?  You would if your income depended on it!

Here is a sample of Carmelita Jeter’s weight training on YouTube (Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here).


  1. Joey Pacione says

    I will be honest, her clean form is very unimpressive for such an elite athlete, it’s more a glorified deadlift+curl combo

  2. Joakim Dilling says

    I agree with you Joey. She must have freak genetics if she has become the second fastest woman, despite being exposed to that type of training. Waste of precious time and energy imo.

  3. Joakim Dilling says

    not only unimpressive – it’s horrible and counterproductive. with her work ethics she could be even faster if she wasn’t exposed to ineffective training methods.

  4. Will says

    lol this is a joke. They’re just putting on a shoe. all that make-up and that hair. These videos are not really how she trains. It’s so obvious.

  5. Nemo_Europe says

    No offence, but if my athlete was doing this kind of effort in training, i would probably suggested him/her to change sport for watching TV. A real waste of time…

  6. Roger Pedrick says

    Hey guys,
    Let’s keep personal comments out of this discussion, otherwise this will degenerate into Letsrun BS. OK, if you don’t like her form (it’s not great) let’s hear what you would do to correct it. She is using weights in order to improve her sprint performance not to become a technically proficient weightlifter. For a sprinter the important part of the lift is the forceful extension of the hips and knees. I am wondering why she didn’t use a lighter weight a d work on triple extension.

    • Charles says

      Total waste of energy. Ben didn’t do pcleans because of his terrible form. So why does she do em. They are obviously not that important cause she is still running fast. Just drop em and concentrate on something else

  7. jasari says

    At the end of the day what alot of people fail to realise is that weights are only supplementary. They will not make or break a program. Therefore the people talking about poor form etc really don’t seem to grasp that even if she improved her weights training program she likely wouldnt be any faster. There is a ceiling to the amount of benefits you can gain from weights.

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