Fireside Chat: How to Get a Job in Coaching

In past Fireside Chats, I asked Derek Hansen about the Sprint Coach, Strength Coach & Physical Therapist Triad as well as How to Pick a Good Sprint Coach.

The last Fireside Chat asked the question, should you do weight lifting before or after track practice and it provoked some very intelligent and interesting conversation in the comments from well known coaches.

How to Get a Job in Coaching

The precursor to this chat was stemmed from two articles, namely Why Your Kid’s Coach Suck, and Why You Should Change and How to Pick a Good Sprint Coach (by Eric Dixon).

Last August’s Freelap Friday Five has an excellent interview with Dennis W. Mitchell from The University of Akron.

So in this installment, I ask the obvious question, How to Get a Job in Coaching as Derek is the Head Strength and Conditioning coach at a NCAA Division II school.

If you are an aspiring coach, this video is a must-watch.

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