Adam Gemili Sprint Training Workouts

If you think Yoshihide Kiryu is the NEXT rising star in 100 meter sprinting, then Adam Gemili was THE rising star for 2012.

If you missed the 2012 Second European Sprints and Hurdles Conference, then you missed the presentation by his personal coach Michael Afilaka who analyzed the development of Adam Gemili, where he shared sample programs and exercises with videos.

Like the past article on Martyn Rooney from, here is Adam Gemili’s typical training workout and annual plan pre-London 2012.

Of course, a lot has to do with the genetic talent of Adam Gemili!  You simply can’t copy this workout and expect to run 10.05 after 6 months of training.

UPDATE as of 11-19-2012

I don’t normally edit articles after I post them, but in this case, I want to make sure the most accurate information is out there to the coaches and athletes

There are two separate events here. One was Michael’s lecture at Warnick. The other was the AW article.

Unfortunately, the AW article was taken slightly out of context (the writer of AW did NOT speak to Coach Michael Afilaka directly) and contained inaccurate information on what Adam Gemili REALLY did in the winter, spring, and taper leading up to London

You can read the article on AW (the link is still above) and take it with a grain of salt. So unless you were at the 2012 Second European Sprints and Hurdles Conference in Warwick, you’ll have to wait for an interview with Coach Afilaka.

This is probably a good lesson in Journalism. Believe half of what you read, and nothing of what you hear :)

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Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
  • Once again, this site has spurred me into writing a post on my blog. The above post is good, but it really burns me that the sprint workouts often don’t include rest or relative intensity. Without those crucial pieces of information, the reader is left to assume…and that can lead to vastly different interpretations.

    For example, 4x350m at 95% with 20m is a big volume Specific Endurance workout, while 4x350m at 75% with 6m is a Intensive Tempo workout with a completely different physiological goal.

    I think a common syntax is in need. If anyone’s interest, you can read my full rant and suggested syntax at Sorry for another shameless plug.

  • @Sprint42

    My thoughts exactly. Sharing these types of workouts, without intensity and recovery times between reps and sets is nearly useless.