How to Register for the WMG 2013 in Torino Italy

On the Torino World Masters Games website, you’ll find all the necessary information for the registration.

If you only want registration (no accommodation), it costs € 170,00 that allows you to select up to 3 sports, with a maximum of 5 disciplines each.

If you need accommodation (minimum stay 3 nights), before November 30th, you get a discount on the registration fee: you will pay the registration fee just € 115,00 instead of € 170!  After December 1st, the registration fee € 145,00 instead of € 170,00 with accommodation.

Please note that golf and sailing have an extra fee of € 60 to pay, so the total amount of their registration fee is € 230.  I don’t plan on golfing or sailing!

>> Click here for the 30 page instruction book (4.77Mb, PDF)


Jimson Lee

Jimson Lee

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Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
  • Just to specify:
    The deadline for paying the early (discount) fee (for both accommodation and registration) was postponed for 21 January 2013.
    Good luck!