How to Assess, Teach and Fix Olympic Lifts [VIDEO]

I am a huge fan of Olympic lifts and they are always part of my program.

Plyometrics are also good explosive exercises, and they are good precursors to Olympic lifting.

How many times have you stood in the weight room watching your athletes attempt to perform a clean or a snatch, from the floor or hang position, and been overwhelmed by the number of mistakes they’re making?

Yesterday’s post from Wil Fleming on whether you should Olympic Lift or Not raised several good points.

We all know what Olympic lifts should look like, but if your current set of cues and progressions aren’t getting them in the right position, then you’ve got to check out this new DVD from Wil Fleming called Complete Olympic Lifting.

It takes you through the process of assessing, teaching and fixing the Olympic Lifts (and their variations) in a simple, straight forward way you can begin implementing immediately.

No technical jargon. No fluff. No scientific text.

The All New Complete Olympic Lifting get right to the point:

Progressions and regressions guaranteed to clean up all of the technical issues preventing your athletes from getting the full results of these important lifts.

And hopefully the explosiveness and strength will translate to specific force application to the ground.

It’s on sale until Friday January 18 for 40% off for $29.97 (regular price is $49.95)

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