Coach Management Assessment Profile (CMAP) & Targeted Coach Acceleration Program (TCAP)

One of highlights of my London 2012 Olympics experiences was visiting the Global Coaches House, attending sessions and meeting other coaches in various sports.  The bonus evening sessions with Jessica Ennis and Sharon Hannan were a bonus!

One of the sessions was Design Thinking for the Next Competitive Advantage Outcome by Kim Cardile.


Kim has extensive business management and sport experiences with high performance teams at the state and national level. She has been instrumental in driving national change in learning and development frameworks and career management programs. Kim has a diverse background; inclusive of sport, coaching and clinical psychology, tertiary and secondary education, career counseling and in business and services management. Kim has experience working in the Australian Institute and Academies of Sport, in University Sport and Education, in government and private enterprise and at the Australian Sports Commission.

Now Kim would like to invite coaches to participate in an online coach development profile, to help them identify specifically what they need to learn to fast track their coaching.

The coach development tool covers coaches’ skills and knowledge in technical skills, athlete development, sports science services, program management, leadership style, learning preferences, critical thinks skills, reflective practice and self management skills.

Who Would Use this Tool?

  • Any Coach who is interested in innovation and pushing the boundaries of their own coaching practice to have the competitive edge on their competitors. This will help coaches maximize their time and accelerate their learning.

  • High Performance Managers who want to better understand their group of coaches for professional development, or as a recruitment and selection tool to get to know more about a applicant.

Coaches are invited to consider the following options as part of my research into coach development.


  1. coaches complete a development profile receiving a personalized report only
  2. coaches complete a development profile plus fast track face to face development workshops
  3. coaches complete a development profile plus online learning modules
  4. coaches complete a development profile and option 2 plus executive coaching to achieve their goals quickly.
  5. coaches complete a development profile and option 3 plus executive coaching to achieve their goals quickly

Learning modules include:

  1. Leadership, lessons from politics and  business 
  2. Program Management- thinking outside the square lessons from innovation
  3. Making great decisions on and off the field
  4. Managing yourself – as a coach and the power of self reflection

What others have said that have completed the process:

  • 100% of coaches who completed the pilot study found the assessment tool was a valuable reflective and self assessment process, helping them to evaluate their current skills sets, strengths and areas for future development.
  • Coach Feedback "This was a really enlightening process. I have coached for over 20 years and it has made me think about what I really do each day and has highlighted the areas I am neglecting". (Johnson)
  • Coach High Performance Manager "This gives me a great snapshot of my coaches individually and as a group. This has helped me work with each coach to plan their development more effectively and maximize outcomes for all of my coaches. (Matt)

Next Steps

Step 1 – In short the coaches need to do the online assessments, which will take them 25-35 minutes ,prior to the workshops or online modules

Start now (Coach Management Assessment Profile) (Self Reflection Scale) (Goal Attainment Scale)

Step 2 – Coaches then come to the 1X 3hr workshop or do online modules (you will be provided with this information and receive a certificate of completion)

Step 3 – The option for executive coaching to help achieve goals set as part of the program

Step 4 – Re-complete assessment profiles (These will be sent to you)

Step 5 – Receive your individualized report

For any further information. Please contact Kim Cardile at +61 0448 415 565 or email  Visit her website at

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Jimson Lee

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I am a Masters Athlete and Coach currently based in London UK. My other projects include the Bud Winter Foundation, writer for the IAAF New Studies in Athletics Journal (NSA) and a member of the Track & Field Writers of America.
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee