Core Training & Spinal Health

If you remember my post on Ab and Core training last January, doing core exercises fall into several different camps:

  1. Rehab patients
  2. Optimal back and spine health for the average Joe
  3. Elite training for maximum performance
  4. Getting a six-pack abs (looking good naked or shirtless… hey, it is Valentines Day today! Smile

I only discussed #3 and #4 which “comes with the territory”.

I am not a chiropractor nor physical therapist, so if you want to learn more about Performance, Training, Rehabilitation and Assessment, the videos below are a good starting point.

The videos are from a full day, 12 hour seminar geared towards Trainers and Coaches that want learn “everything” when it comes to core training and spinal health.  Visit the Spinal Health & Core Training Seminar 1

Core Training and Performance with Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, CPT is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and is a regular contributor to T-nation, Live Strong, as well as Men’s Health Magazine.

In the video above, Tony will discuss how to improve core performance without doing exercises that bore you. Tony’s plan is to take you through an athletic core training screen and assessment that he uses with his athletes, including turning basic exercises into core dominant exercises.  Of course, he talks about he big lifts (deadlifts, squats, etc) and the role of the core in each and how to save the spine while lifting heavy.

Self Mobilization Exercises with Jeff Cubos

Dr. Jeff Cubos serves as the team chiropractor for FC Edmonton of the NASL,  and team therapist for the University of Alberta Swim Team.

Dr. Cubos will share with you common back injuries and training mistakes that often lead to back injuries. He will show you what works best for preventing common back injuries, and prudent methods – including unconventional solutions – to get your clients back to injury-free status.

More Information

The above videos are just part of a full day seminar presented by the above two practitioners along with Dean Somerset and Rick Kaselj.

The full Spinal Health & Core Training seminar can be purchased though this link. 1

1- FULL DISCLOSURE:  When you purchase through my affiliate link, I may earn a commission on the sale.   Commission earnings helps support the costs of running this site, which is the #1 Track & Field Coaching site on the Internet based on web traffic.

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