Eddie Hart Falling Sprint Start (free ebook)

Before I give you the info for Eddie Hart’s free ebook on the Falling Sprint Start, I need to give a brief history lesson.

At the US Olympic Trials in 1972, both Hart and Rey Robinson repeated the world record, running the 100 m in 9.9 seconds, and were favored to win the race at the Olympic Games with Valery Borzov being the biggest threat.

But we all know the tragedy of the “missed quarter finals from the revised schedule” story.

No matter… Eddie Hart put aside the misfortune, and ran the anchor leg for the USA 4 x 100 m relay team, which won a gold medal and equaled the United States’ own world record of 38.19 along with Larry Black, Robert Traylor, Gerald Tinker.

Eddie Hart 4x100m Relay

Here is a video of that relay race:

Hart continued to run and in 1989 set the Masters world record in the 100m with a 10.6 HT that lasted for 14 years.

10.6 HT is equivalent to 10.84, but he did run a 10.87 at the World Masters Championships in Eugene that same year.

Aaron Thigpen currently holds the M40 100m AR at 10.73 set in 2006, Troy Douglas hold the WR with a 10.29.

Eddie Hart Falling Sprint Start (free ebook)

There is no catch or gimmick. 

Just send an email to eddiehart@eddiehartaiof.org and ask for the free ebook on the Falling Sprint Start. 

That’s it.


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  • Has anyone requested this yet? I am particularly interested in how the Falling Start applies to the blocks. I requested a copy but have not received it yet…I assume Eddie has a backlog of requests since I have seen this reposted in other forums.