Introducing SpeedEndurance TV Daily Video Series on Coaching

Starting today, I am launching a new video series called SpeedEndurance TV.

It will be a daily video where I provide a training tip, or I’ll answer a question from my hundreds of emails I receive. (I do read them all, I just cannot answer them all as fast as I would like).

But the best part is the interviews or conversations with Elite coaches from around the world.  Ideally, they will be in person, one-on-one, but with the power of the Internet, I can do this via Google Hangout on Air (or Skype).

What is Google Hangout?

If you are familiar with Skype, then you know what video conferencing is.  But Google Hangout provides up to 9 people, and allows for screen sharing.

The “On Air” component provides a live streaming, records the session for me automatically and then uploads the video to my YouTube channel.  (Skype would crash after 20 minutes, if you remember my call with Margot Wells – wife and coach of 1980 100m Olympic champion Allan Wells)

I look forward to speaking to coaches and athletes, plus I can invite a few readers to join in the conversation.

The only requirement is you need a Google account (i.e. Gmail) and activate your Google+ portion.  Then I invite you by email, click on the link and away we go.

It’s also free.  Free is good.

RULES: No profanity, and respect everyone’s opinion, whether right or wrong.  As John Wooden would say, it’s Okay to Disagree, but disagree without being disagreeable!

How do I Improve the Drive Phase for my Kid?

In this video, I answer an email on how to improve the drive phase.  This is part one of the discussion.


One to One with Adarian Barr

In this Hangout, Coach Adarian Barr and I talk about the triple jump, namely the effects on forces, torque and feet.  We discuss the female triple jumper and show examples using video in the video (makes sense?). 

Coach Barr joins us at the 1:30 mark.  Also, at the 17 minute mark, we review a video on YouTube, but it doesn’t appear in the recording.

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Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
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