How Fast can Cristiano Ronaldo Run the 100m?

Fantasy Track & Field is just that… fantasy!

People like in the interpolation of downsizing splits, such as How Fast Can Usain Bolt or Ben Johnson run the 40 yard dash?

But what about extrapolation?

What can a 100m time tell you about your POTENTIAL 400m time?

What can a 30m split tell you about a POTENTIAL 100 meter time?  Note how I say potential, because obviously you need the speed endurance and special endurance training in place first.

Back in 2011, I wrote an article on Calculating 400 meter Potential from 60 meter time trials, using real times and splits from my workouts (which turned out to be accurate… your mileage may vary)

So to continue the downward spiral, I will show some extrapolations from 30 meter fly times or running start.

Of course, you can use the Freelap Timing System to accurately test 30 meter fly times.

I wrote a lengthy piece back in 2010 on What is a good time for 30 meters for Soccer and Football a year ago, which accounts for the acceleration.

If you want to do this test with blocks, then I add 1 full second (HT) for acceleration out of the blocks, as referenced in the Valeri Borzov – Training Procedures in Sprinting 2009 article.  Realistically, it’s more like 10.10 to 10.15 if you are using electronic timing.

Calculating 100 meter Potential from 30 meters

First number below is the 30m fly time (in seconds – add 1 second if you use blocks), and second number 100m time using blocks.

  • 3.30 = 11.99
  • 3.20 = 11.67
  • 3.10 = 11.34
  • 3.00 = 11.00
  • 2.95 = 10.84
  • 2.90 = 10.67
  • 2.85 = 10.50
  • 2.80 = 10.34
  • 2.75 = 10.17
  • 2.70 = 10.00
  • 2.65 = 9.84

So, to break 11 seconds for the 100 meters, you’ll need to run at least 4.00 for 30 meters with blocks, or 3.00 without blocks with a flying start.

Speed does not lie.  Speed rules.

How do you stack up?

Just to put this in perspective, from above, world class elite sprinters go under 3.70 with blocks or 2.70 with a running start.
30 meter split times

How Fast can Cristiano Ronaldo Run the 100m?

Personally, I don’t care how fast Cristiano Ronaldo run the 100m.  It’s how many goals he can score, and more importantly, scoring the right goals at the right time.


In this video from YouTube, we have Cristiano Ronaldo “race” against professional sprinter Angel David Rodríguez on Tested to the Limit.  Angel David Rodríguez has a PB of 10.14 (+1.7) and a 6.55 for 60 meters.  His 200m time is an impressive 20.61 (-0.9) but both 100m & 200m PB come from 2008.

We don’t have his actual time, but Ronaldo is approximately 10% behind Rodriguez in this 30m test which probably extrapolates to 11.0 and 11.5 if you use the charts above.

I can honestly say there is no way Cristiano Ronaldo can run the 100m under 11.00 in his current regime.

But this guy can play football… better than most footballers on earth.  And that is what matters.

Jimson Lee

Jimson Lee

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Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee
Jimson Lee

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  • They give the time but it’s over 25 meters not 30. 3.31 for the sprinter and 3 60 for ronaldo well over 4 seconds on the 30

  • if you take a close look you will see that on the agility track Rinaldo wears soccer shoes and Rodriguez only jogging shoes ….

    both wearing soccer shoes the sprinter would have been much faster …

    so they produced the result they wanted to have and the cock could keep his comb


  • Hi guys. This video was recorded a day before Madrid meeting i did 10.45 -1.0…it was synthethic grass n the time was not from the blocks, we had cell time we should cut in 0.25m from the start. It was a funny day but just it. I think CR could be under 11.4 but never under 11 at now. With specific workout could be under 11 in a year but he’s footballer.

    Last season i did 6.55 n 10.15 (cause you dont know how fast im running now)

    Read you soon.

  • Hi Angel – great times last year … congratulations ….

    my question what’ s about the fact you ran the agility part with flats while CR used soccer shoes ?

    good luck Angel