Complete Speed Training

Circuit Training for Lactate Tolerance, Better Recovery and Weight Loss


I mentioned several years ago that a weight training program should be changed every 2 years.  The same applies for circuit training, but to a lesser degree.  I believe circuit training has its place in a Track and Field program (or any sport for that matter), from the youth level up to the Elite … [Read more...]

Hurdle Hops and Extended Bounding [Part 2]


This article is guest blogged by Fabien Ngô (Ph.D.), a sprint coach in Brussels and Montreal coaching primarily teenagers and masters age groups. He guest wrote How to Improve Your Last 100m in the 400m, Part 3 As well, he did an Interview with Pierre-Jean Vazel which is a must-read. Hurdle … [Read more...]

Darren Campbell would not Encourage his Kids to Run Track


On a recent BBC 5 Live Radio show (link to radio show archive and MP3 below), Darren Campbell says he would not encourage his three children to follow him into athletics, as the recent doping claims have made him lose faith in the sport. (If you don't know who England's Darren Campbell is, read … [Read more...]

Triple Extension, Vertical Displacement, Stride Length, and Ground Contact

CharlieFrancis & Derek Hansen Excitation & Inhibition

You can't talk about sprinting without mentioning all these KPI (key performance indicators) in the same breath. I am referring to Triple Extension, Vertical Displacement, Stride Length (& Air Time), and Ground Contact. They all go hand in hand. One of the best examples are some illustrations … [Read more...]

PODCAST on Microstretching Benefits

Nikos Apostolopoulos MicroStretching

I briefly discussed the benefits of Microstretching in my recent article How to Relieve Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).  There is pending research that Low intensity static stretching or Microstretching may be beneficial for DOMS, as well as improve your range of motion. You have to go … [Read more...]