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Lashawn Merritt vs Kirani James – The Greatest (Track & Field) Show on Earth


This article is guest blogged by Lee Ness, a UKA qualified Event Group Coach for Sprints and Hurdles, the Head Coach/Sprint Coach at City of Salisbury Athletics, and Running Club and Track and Field Team Manager for Wiltshire Athletics Association. Click here for all articles written by Lee Ness. … [Read more...]

48 Best Interviews for Speed, Strength Training, Recovery & Inspiration


If I can make one quote about this blog, it would be from Issac Newton. If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants There is no way I would have the knowledge (and share the knowledge to you) if it weren’t for my previous coaches, as well asking questions to the smartest … [Read more...]

Interview with Peter Fortune – Coach of Cathy Freeman [PODCAST]


Thanks to Mike Hurst who made this podcast available. Peter Fortune became Cathy Freeman’s coach shortly after she was a member of the 1990 4x100m Relay team for Australia. The rest is history for her 400m accomplishments … 2 World Championships Gold medals (97 Athens, 99 Seville), an Olympic … [Read more...]