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Why I Love the 4x400m

Jamaican Champs 2015 4x400 relay

The 4x400m should always be the last event of the meet program. I have never been to the Jamaican Champs track meet, but it's on my bucket list! With all the young talent Jamaica has for sprinting, you know the 4x400m is the pride of the school, track program and sprinters! You have to give … [Read more...]

Lashawn Merritt vs Kirani James – The Greatest (Track & Field) Show on Earth


This article is guest blogged by Lee Ness, a UKA qualified Event Group Coach for Sprints and Hurdles, the Head Coach/Sprint Coach at City of Salisbury Athletics, and Running Club and Track and Field Team Manager for Wiltshire Athletics Association. Click here for all articles written by Lee Ness. … [Read more...]

48 Best Interviews for Speed, Strength Training, Recovery & Inspiration


If I can make one quote about this blog, it would be from Issac Newton. If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants There is no way I would have the knowledge (and share the knowledge to you) if it weren’t for my previous coaches, as well asking questions to the smartest … [Read more...]