Interview with Dan Pfaff with Mike Hurst [PODCAST]

Dan Pfaff with Mike Hurst

Dan Pfaff is currently in Australia, taking a well deserved vacation and giving a few half-day seminars to various teams and organisations. Click here for more articles, PDFs and podcasts of Dan Pfaff. Click here for all interviews and podcasts from Mike Hurst, including Alosno Edwards, Henk … [Read more...]

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Paula Radcliffe Getty Images

By Lee Ness For those people who have read my previous articles about Justin Gatlin, you will know my views on cheats convicted of PEDs. I’ll also say that I’m quite lenient on stimulants, but to summarise: Athletes receiving bans for PEDs like steroids or testosterone, for example, should be … [Read more...]

England on Penalties


By Lee Ness. I know it’s a football reference, and I haven’t watched a football match for many years, but the GB relay team has the same air of inevitability about it that an England Penalty shoot-out had. You just knew. It didn’t matter what your hopes were. You just knew. As those who’ve … [Read more...]

What exactly is Active Recovery?

Usain Bolt warm up

What is active recovery? Have you ever had one of those killer sessions and thought this is going to hurt tomorrow? You know the ones where you can trouble ahead. Feel the lactic pumping into your legs. Photo credits: Copyright Usain Bolt Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) peaks anywhere … [Read more...]

Visual Steering: Approach Accuracy in the Long and Triple Jump


By Robert Marchetti, Assistant Track Coach at Rider University When extreme runners (Xtreme) run or cycle down mountains, over rocks and other objects, they must view the ground ahead. They must know where to get a solid foot plant, to gingerly step, or where they should avoid stepping. This is … [Read more...]