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Oops, Premature e-Jubilation, and Miscounting Laps

Kenenisa Bekele

It happens to the best of us, except for 400m one-lap sprinters. I'm referring to miscounting your laps in a distance race, and kicking for home too soon.  One lap too soon.  But it happens more indoors than outdoors.  Even in a four lap 800m race. Yes, there is a lap counter, and yes, there … [Read more...]

Interview with Henk Kraaijenhof by Mike Hurst [PODCAST]

HENK KRAAIJENHOF with Jill Taylor of Athletics Australia

Henk Kraaijenhof currently works for Vortx (Dutch only web site) and his blog is Henk's coaching credentials include Nelli Cooman, Melene Ottey, Troy Douglas and Tennis star Mary Pierce. His specialty is the physical and mental coaching, in particular stress and … [Read more...]

Dan Pfaff on Success Under Pressure (Interview from Ellie Spain)


Ellie is a UKA Qualified Jumps Coach, holds an MSc in Strength and Conditioning, is a UKSCA accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach, a NSCA certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, a BWLA Certified Olympic Weightlifting Instructor, a qualified teacher PGCE(LLS) and most recently, … [Read more...]

It was 60 Years Ago Today, Roger Bannister Taught the World to Play


I never get tired of this story. Roger Bannister wanted to quit Athletics after the 1952 Helsinki Olympics where he came 4th in the 1500m.  He had trained for only two rounds using speed and intervals as his base, only to discover the event having three rounds. Instead of quitting, he focused … [Read more...]