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The Long and Short of Tight Muscles

Nick Miller treats LaShawn Merritt

This article is guest posted by Dr Nicholas Miller, a Chiropractor & Kinesiologist.  He lives and practices at HealthSpace Lane Cove in Sydney, Australia. At some point in your life, you may have gone to a therapist, for them to say to you ‘wow, you’re tight’. This visit would shortly be … [Read more...]

Jonas TD: Acceleration and Maximal Velocity Mechanics in Sprints and Jumps

Jonas Tawiah-Dodoo

Jonas Tawiah-Dodoo was a part of the UK Athletics Apprentice Coach program in the 4 year lead up to the London 2012 Olympics, working with world renowned coaches Dan Pfaff and Stuart McMillan. His experience in sport is not limited to athletics, as he has worked with rugby for … [Read more...]

Why Do You Hear the Gun AFTER the Sprinters Leave the Blocks?

Olympic 100m Start and Starting Blocks

Why do we hear the pistol after the athletes are off their blocks? Those of you that have been lucky enough to have watched sprinting events from close up will probably have noticed the following: If a traditional starting gun is used to start the athletes, you appear to hear the pistol … [Read more...]