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Oops, Premature e-Jubilation, and Miscounting Laps

Kenenisa Bekele

It happens to the best of us, except for 400m one-lap sprinters. I'm referring to miscounting your laps in a distance race, and kicking for home too soon.  One lap too soon.  But it happens more indoors than outdoors.  Even in a four lap 800m race. Yes, there is a lap counter, and yes, there … [Read more...]

Trends In Middle Distance Running Training and the Effects on Middle Distance Athletes


This article was guest blogged by Jonathan M. George, M.S.  He is the Assistant Cross Country/Track Coach at Fort Hays State University Trends In Middle Distance Running Training and the Effects on Middle Distance Athletes Introduction According to the United States Census Bureau the most … [Read more...]

48 Best Interviews for Speed, Strength Training, Recovery & Inspiration


If I can make one quote about this blog, it would be from Issac Newton. If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants There is no way I would have the knowledge (and share the knowledge to you) if it weren’t for my previous coaches, as well asking questions to the smartest … [Read more...]

It was 60 Years Ago Today, Roger Bannister Taught the World to Play


I never get tired of this story. Roger Bannister wanted to quit Athletics after the 1952 Helsinki Olympics where he came 4th in the 1500m.  He had trained for only two rounds using speed and intervals as his base, only to discover the event having three rounds. Instead of quitting, he focused … [Read more...]

Interview with Brian Theriot – UCLA Sprinter turned Pro 800/Mile


This is part 13 of the Freelap Friday Five Series, Season Three. To review the past 41 interviews, click here. Part 1 was Jeff Cubos, Chiropractor and Performance Therapist Part 2 was John Godina, World Athletics Center founder & Elite Shot Putter Part 3 was Questions & Answers from … [Read more...]

Interview with Gary Reed, Canada’s 800m Record Holder


This is part 15 of the Freelap Friday Five Series, 2013 Edition. To review the 16 part 2012 edition, click here. Part 1 was Matt Scherer, Professional Pacer-Rabbit. Part 2 was Stuart McMillan, Bobsled and former UKA Sprint Coach. Part 3 was Dean Starkey, PV Coach and former Elite Pole Vaulter. … [Read more...]

David Rudisha: 800m Training, Splits, World Record

800m WR London 2012 610x170

Believe it or not, I missed the Olympic 800 meters in the stadium, and I didn’t even watch it on TV. Why? Because I was attending a private coaching clinic with Jessica Ennis, Toni Minichiello and Mick Hill.  I’ll be posting that 60 minute interview shortly on this Blog, so stay tuned. David … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] 800 meter Training and Moving up from 400m


I created an 18 minute video on 800 meter training, with an slight emphasis for 400 meters moving up in distance. Scroll below for the video, or click here for the video on YouTube. Here is the presentation in PowerPoint with the transcript of the 12 slides on AuthorStream.  You can also … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Track and Field Spikes


Here are my top 7 tips for your Track spikes: Don’t leave them in your spike bag Dip the spike pins in 10W30 oil before inserting Carry extra pairs with different spike lengths and types Carry a pair of pliers 200m specialists pin placements Differences in spike plates … [Read more...]

Baking Soda and Beta Alanine (Ethical Cheating or Ergogenic Aids)


This is part 5 of a multi part series.  Part 1 was the ESPN radio interview. Part 2 looked at the history of Ethical Cheating or Ergogenic Aids and some of the disgusting food choices.  Part 3 discussed coffee and caffeine.  Part 4 discussed Nootropics. Let’s go over some of the … [Read more...]