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Hurdle Hops and Extended Bounding [Part 2]


This article is guest blogged by Fabien Ngô (Ph.D.), a sprint coach in Brussels and Montreal coaching primarily teenagers and masters age groups. He guest wrote How to Improve Your Last 100m in the 400m, Part 3 As well, he did an Interview with Pierre-Jean Vazel which is a must-read. Hurdle … [Read more...]

48 Best Interviews for Speed, Strength Training, Recovery & Inspiration


If I can make one quote about this blog, it would be from Issac Newton. If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants There is no way I would have the knowledge (and share the knowledge to you) if it weren’t for my previous coaches, as well asking questions to the smartest … [Read more...]

Dan Pfaff Podcast on SportsCoachRadio

Dan Pfaff

Dan Pfaff is currently the Education Director and Jumps Coach at the newly created World Athletics Center in Phoenix, Arizona. To read more about the World Athletics Center, click here for my Interview with John Godina. Previously, he was the Director of the Lee Valley High Performance Center in … [Read more...]

So You Want to Be a Decathlete? w/ Eric Broadbent


This is part 9 of the Freelap Friday Five Series, Season Three. To review the past 38 interviews, click here. Part 1 was Jeff Cubos, Chiropractor and Performance Therapist Part 2 was John Godina, World Athletics Center founder & Elite Shot Putter Part 3 was Questions & Answers from Peter … [Read more...]

Speed: The Approach Run in Long Jump & Triple Jump [PODCAST]


Kenta’ Bell (pronounced Ken-TAY), is a two time USA Olympian (2004, 2008) in the Triple Jump and the 2001 Gold medalist at the World Student Games in Beijing, China. His PR is an impressive 17.63m and he is also the 2003 & 2010 USA National Champion. By then, he was ranked as one of America’s … [Read more...]

3 Day Collegiate & Elite Jump Summit, Jan 28-Feb 1, 2014

Kenta Bell 2012

Please Join us for the Jump Summit. This is 3 Day Collegiate & Elite "Learn By Doing" Clinic exclusively for Jumpers. This is a great opportunity to learn and train alongside World Class and Olympic Athletes. The Camp will run January 28th - February 1st. The last two days you will have an … [Read more...]

Standing Long Jump, Basic Physics & Lower Landing Area

standing long jump

This article is guest blogged by University lecturer Dr. Vassilios McInnes Spathopoulos, author of An Introduction to the Physics of Sports.   You can read my review in Introduction to the Physics of Sports.  He also wrote Windy Records in Track & Field and The Effect of Wind on … [Read more...]

European Horizontal Jumps & Hurdle Symposium Nov 8-10, 2013


Dates for the event is the 8-10th of November, 2013!  The seminar starts 16:15 at Friday 8th (registration possible from 14:00) and ends at 12:30 Sunday 10th (followed by Lunch at 12:45).  This is the second time it is held in Falun (about 250km northwest of Stockholm, Sweden) Click here … [Read more...]

Interview with Yvette Lewis, Hurdler, Jumper, & Heptathlete? [SpeedEndurance TV]


Yesterday at the meet hotel, I had the chance to sit down with 100m hurdler Yvette Lewis.  Yvette is a talented athlete where she also ranks nationally in the Triple Jump, even though she is probably best known for her 100m hurdles (12.76). This should come to no surprise, because she … [Read more...]

Introducing SpeedEndurance TV Daily Video Series on Coaching

SpeedEndurance TV with Jimson Lee

Starting today, I am launching a new video series called SpeedEndurance TV. It will be a daily video where I provide a training tip, or I’ll answer a question from my hundreds of emails I receive. (I do read them all, I just cannot answer them all as fast as I would like). But the best part is the … [Read more...]

Interview with Adarian Barr, Coach and Innovator

usain bolt angles

This is part 11 of the Freelap Friday Five Series, 2013 Edition. To review the 16 part 2012 edition, click here. Part 1 was Matt Scherer, Professional Pacer-Rabbit. Part 2 was Stuart McMillan, Bobsled and former UKA Sprint Coach. Part 3 was Dean Starkey, PV Coach and former Elite Pole Vaulter. … [Read more...]

NFL COMBINE: Most Impressive Standing Long Jump?


A lot of talk went out on Marquise Goodwin’s 40-yard dash time of 4.27 seconds (even though the camera timed him “unofficially” in 4.25) It’s also no coincidence that Marquise Goodwin is an Olympic long jumper with PRs of 8.33 / 6.69 /10.38 for the Long Jump / 60m / 100m. I always believed … [Read more...]