The Interference Effect: Can you Train Strength and Endurance Concurrently?

Strength and Endurance

Should Decathletes run 7 miles on Sunday morning just to improve their 1500m time? Can you train both short-to-long and long-to-short at the same time? Can you train for strength AND train for endurance, for example, the STREND event?  (i.e. 5 weight events followed by a 5k/3 mile run?) And … [Read more...]

Ethical Cheating or Ergogenic Aids: Coffee and Caffeine

This is part 3 of a multi part series.  Part 1 was the ESPN radio interview. Part 2 looked at the history of Ethical Cheating or Ergogenic Aids and some of the disgusting food choices. Let’s go over some of the common products you can buy today over the counter and NOT test positive, and … [Read more...]

Do Long Runs Harm your Speed? Peter Snell’s Training for 1:44.3 800m WR

One of the biggest debates for 400 meter training is whether they should run cross country in the Fall, or do a Sunday long run.  Bud Winter had his 400m sprinters run Cross Country in the fall. The theory is the long runs will kill the speed in the legs as well as make them less flexible … [Read more...]

Was Arthur Lydiard Right All Along?

If you had a chance to listen to the 2 hour speech from Arthur Lydiard, you might think his success of producing Olympic medalists was having the right people at the right time.  Or it was from his high mileage base training and overall approach to training. Lydiard favored a high mileage base … [Read more...]

Which Masters Sport Performance Gets Worse with Age?

A recent study from the Experimental Aging Research asked the question: Of the 6 sports, which had the greatest decline in performance with age? Athletics (Track and Field) Swimming Rowing Cycling Triathlon Weightlifting I’ve heard several people claim endurance events are … [Read more...]