Mike Agostini: The Forgotten World’s Fastest Man [PODCAST]


On August 7, 1954 during the Empire Games (now called the Commonwealth Games) in Vancouver, B.C., Roger Bannister of England and John Landy and Australia met for the first time at the newly constructed Empire Stadium (which was later demolished in 1993) But the forgotten part of this Commonwealth … [Read more...]

SpeedEndurance TV: History of Spikes, from Jesse Owens to Usain Bolt


Join me Wednesday on SpeedEndurance TV.  We will be using Google Hangout on Air, and you can watch the video on LIVE stream. To watch the live steam, all you need to do is go to the YouTube link below.  To participate in future Webinars where you get to ask questions, you will need a Google+ … [Read more...]

48 Best Interviews for Speed, Strength Training, Recovery & Inspiration


If I can make one quote about this blog, it would be from Issac Newton. If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants There is no way I would have the knowledge (and share the knowledge to you) if it weren’t for my previous coaches, as well asking questions to the smartest … [Read more...]

I Didn’t Hear the Gun! The 1977 World Cup 400m Re-Run

Alberto Juantorena

The new Omega ”soundless guns” have created an interesting twist in the past 15 years. The new starting “gun”, which made its debut in Vancouver 2010, does 3 things when the starter pulls the trigger: (1) flashes a light (2) sends the sound to the speakers (3) starts the timer. I personally … [Read more...]

1996: How did Donovan Bailey Keep Cool after 3 False Starts?


Before you read the rest of this article, or the full article on Stuart McMillan’s blog, take a full 15 minutes and watch the build up to the 1996 Olympic 10 meter finals in Atlanta.  (SPOILER ALERT: Donovan Bailey wins in a WR of 9.84) Let’s see if you can stay focused after all the false … [Read more...]

Interview with Chip Jenkins, former 600m AR, Olympic Gold Medalist

600m AR in 2013

This is part 7 of the Freelap Friday Five Series, 2013 Edition. To review the 16 part 2012 edition, click here. Part 1 was Matt Scherer, Professional Pacer-Rabbit. Part 2 was Stuart McMillan, Bobsled and former UKA Sprint Coach. Part 3 was Dean Starkey, PV Coach and former Elite Pole … [Read more...]

Bud Winter’s “Relax and Win” is Finally Here

Usain Bolt Ryan Bailey

Bud Winter’s “Relax and Win” is finally here!  His original 1981 classic has been updated with several new chapters, interviewed by yours truly. Why pay $330 for a rare book on eBay?  Click here if you don't believe me! The first half of the book was based on mental and physical … [Read more...]

The Rocket Sprint Start Book now on Amazon Kindle


In 1964, Bud Winter published the book The Rocket Sprint Start based on Germany's Armin Hary 100 meter victory at the 1960 Olympic Games. Bud Winter pioneered modern Track and Field, while creating the “Science of Sprinting” with his thorough, step by step detailed analysis and scientific studies. … [Read more...]