Anatomy Train & the Missing Link: The Importance of Slings & Chains in Athletes

anatomy trains

The human body is made up of approximately 206 bones, 340 joints, 640 muscle and 900 ligaments. These are rather big numbers when you add them together, and this doesn't include the dense and complex neurological system that coordinates all these processes. None of these 2086 structural … [Read more...]

Comprehensive Recovery Training for Athletes [Part 1]

Electrical Muscle Stimulation photo by Derek Hansen

I don’t think that there exists a complete guide for athletes that tackles the underrated topic of “Recovery-Regeneration” strategies. In this part one of a multi-part series, I’m going to disclose all of the scientific and practical information that I know of on this topic. In short, I need to … [Read more...]

The Secret of Professional Athletes

Nick Miller treats LaShawn Merritt

For most people experiencing an injury is a setback. It may be in the form of time off work or cessation of an exercise routine. Though this may be frustrating it is never more so than for the athlete. Little niggles and strains can be major setbacks in preparation for competitions and the … [Read more...]

What is Pain? What causes Pain?

what is pain what causes pain

In the previous article, pain was defined by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) as a subjective feeling associated with tissue damage. In other words, if a person senses or creates pain they are eliciting an inflammatory response caused by soft tissue damage. In an article … [Read more...]

The Long and Short of Tight Muscles

Nick Miller treats LaShawn Merritt

This article is guest posted by Dr Nicholas Miller, a Chiropractor & Kinesiologist.  He lives and practices at HealthSpace Lane Cove in Sydney, Australia. At some point in your life, you may have gone to a therapist, for them to say to you ‘wow, you’re tight’. This visit would shortly be … [Read more...]

Jonas TD: Acceleration and Maximal Velocity Mechanics in Sprints and Jumps

Jonas Tawiah-Dodoo

Jonas Tawiah-Dodoo was a part of the UK Athletics Apprentice Coach program in the 4 year lead up to the London 2012 Olympics, working with world renowned coaches Dan Pfaff and Stuart McMillan. His experience in sport is not limited to athletics, as he has worked with rugby for … [Read more...]

Evaluating New Athletes into your Sprint Program


How do you evaluate an athlete when they first enter your program? This question is part of my new book coming out titled, Sprinter’s Compendium: a “one stop shop” for theory and practical information for any coach looking for real world strategies to improve sprint training for any type of … [Read more...]

How to Treat Pain and the Modern Gordian Knot Analogy


This article questions the methods that are currently used to treat athletes, calling for a new paradigm shift. It presents the story of the Gordian Knot and Alexander the Great and how new ways of thinking spark new frontiers The legend mentions that the 23-year-old Alexander the Great was faced … [Read more...]