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14 Tapering Strategies to Bring Speed Athletes to Peak Cycle

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This article is guest blogged by Ryan Banta, an assistant coach at the Ladue/St. Louis Lightning Track; Feld club. He previously wrote Sprint Drills and Cues and Acceleration and Maximum Velocity To view all his articles on this Blog click here . It's my birthday, and I thought this … [Read more...]

Sprinting: 10 Research Articles for Effective Sprint Training [Part 3]

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This article was written by Paul Hoffman.  You can read his previous articles here.  He has read and researched several research papers on sprinting and performance articles so you don’t have to.  If any of these articles interest you, feel free to research the case studies and methodology and … [Read more...]

Interview with Lyle McDonald [Podcast with Derek Hansen]


Lyle McDonald is my go-to guy when it comes to asking advice on nutrition, supplements, and performance. He is also the author of the Protein Book along with 6 other books. I’ve had several Q&A’s with him on this Blog, namely: Vegetarian Nutrition and Sports Performance How much … [Read more...]

SpeedEndurance TV: History of Spikes, from Jesse Owens to Usain Bolt


Join me Wednesday on SpeedEndurance TV.  We will be using Google Hangout on Air, and you can watch the video on LIVE stream. To watch the live steam, all you need to do is go to the YouTube link below.  To participate in future Webinars where you get to ask questions, you will need a Google+ … [Read more...]