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Anatomy Train & the Missing Link: The Importance of Slings & Chains in Athletes

anatomy trains

The human body is made up of approximately 206 bones, 340 joints, 640 muscle and 900 ligaments. These are rather big numbers when you add them together, and this doesn't include the dense and complex neurological system that coordinates all these processes. None of these 2086 structural … [Read more...]

Dan Pfaff on Speed Endurance, Core Training, Cues and Drills


In 2010, Dan Pfaff was invited to speak at the Atletiekunie congress at the National Sports Centre Papendal, which is the national sports development centre of the Netherlands, located near Arnhem (about 70km east of Utrecht) Below are snippets of video (assuming the YouTube non-verified user limit … [Read more...]

Shoulder Rotation: The Secret to Longer Stride, Faster Running

American sprinter Allyson Felix leads the field on her way to winning the women's 200 meters gold medal in London's Olympic Stadium.

Back in 2009, I wrote about Arm Action in Sprinting on how you can gain a full meter with the same number of strides by proper shoulder rotation and hip rotation. This article is guest blogged by two authors:  movement specialist and Track and Field coach Adarian Barr of Next Level Athletics … [Read more...]

Interview with Mladen Jovanovic: 5 Questions

Mladen Jovanovic

This is Part 11 of the weekly “Friday Five” series where I ask 5 tough questions to world class elite coaches.   To recap: Jumps coach Boo Schexnayder Dr. Mike Stone of the USOC and NBA Performance specialist Henk Kraaijenhof USA’s Dan Pfaff, now with UKA Pierre-Jean … [Read more...]

Usain Bolt’s Leanness Ratio, or Reciprocal Ponderal Index (RPI)


One of the Fitness testing ratios people love to throw around in the gym is BMI or Body Mass Index. To calculate your BMI, simply divide your body weight in kilograms with your height in meters squared. I am 1.83m and 85kg, which is 85 / (1.83)2 = 25.4 BMI (6 feet tall is 72 inches x 2.54 … [Read more...]

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Benefits (EMS or NMES)

Globus Electrical Muscle Stimulation Premium Sport Unit

Its benefits are numerous: Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), also known as Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), or simply “electromyostimulation”. 3 Types of EMS Benefits EMS has really 3 types of benefits: Rehabilitation AS WELL AS Training and Recovery. In the US, people (used to) … [Read more...]