Liothyronine & the Hypothyroid (Thyroid Deficiency) Controversy


The Wall Street Journal ran an article on April 10 on Dr. Jeffrey Brown, a Houston-based endocrinologist, prescribing a number of young, athletic males being treated for thyroid deficiency, including Carl Lewis and Galen Rupp (10,000m silver medalist in London 2012).  To date, Dr. Brown, who is … [Read more...]

Food at London Olympics (How to Run 10.29 Eating Crap)

bangers and mash

With the London Olympics 3 weeks away, what will the food be like?  I am so spoiled with Italian food that I may be in for a big surprise. I am used to an appetizer like bruschetta or bufala mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, a pasta dish, followed by a meat dish covered in sauce (served with … [Read more...]