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If you have a specific question, chances are I covered it in previous articles as I have over 1700+ articles to date over the past 5 years.  Use the search function on the right.  Chances are, if you email me, I will respond back with a link from a previous article with a few extra comments. 

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No, as I don’t even have a Blogroll.  There are only a handful of good Coaching and Track & Field web sites out there anyways.

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My biggest pet peeve about guest bloggers is they are more interested in their anchor text and link juice than trying to educate the readers.  You would figure a link to their website would be good enough?  To promote their site?  Nope, they all want in-post links for specific key words and really couldn’t give a sh*t about anything else.

If you want to guest blog, send me your previous work up front, don’t ask me *if* I want to see it, as that is unnecessary back and forth emails.

Unless you have a great original article over 400-500 words, I’ll consider it as long as there is only a basic backlink.  No funny business.

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