I’ve been asked, “Why do I carry only a few items in this store?”.

Below are my recommendations for products that I personally own, used, reviewed or even produced.  I believe they help you improve your Track & Field performance or any speed, power and strength sport.  Note this a very short list because it only includes my top picks.

It’s organized this way:

speed endurance equipment, tools and accessories
This current page is where you can get your physical products.

Strength Power Speed
Meanwhile, our digital media collection (online Videos, Podcasts and PDFs) is delivered through the secure membership site.  This site is the best source of online videos for Strength & Conditioning, Speed Training, Coaching, Injury Prevention and other Therapy modalities, led by World renowned coaches (Al Vermeil, Dr. Don Chu, Derek Hansen and others).

Freelap Timing Systems

Sprint Coach 112 (Entry Level)


Freelap Sprint Coach 112

Complete Kit includes Stopwatch, Sprint Belt, 1 TX Touch Pro Transmitter, 2 TX Junior Pro Transmitters, User Guide, and Compact Case. Great for timing starts and split times.


Pro Coach 112 Timing System


Freelap Pro Coach 112 Timing System

The Freelap Pro Coach Electronic Timing System is wireless, accurate, easy to set up and use, versatile, expandable, compact, and portable. If you are serious about track, this is it!


Pro Coach 424 Timing System


Freelap Pro Coach 424 Timing System

The Freelap Pro Coach Electronic Timing System is wireless, accurate, easy to set up and use, versatile, expandable, compact, and portable. The ultimate kit for serious track athletes.


Globus SpeedCoach Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Globus SpeedCoach PLUS EMS



  • 11 Sports
  • 5 body parts
  • 8 Speed Programs
  • 5 Tempo Programs
  • Rehab
  • Active Recovery


Globus SpeedCoach Fitness EMS



  • 1 Sport
  • 5 body parts
  • 4 Speed Programs
  • No Tempo Programs
  • No Rehab
  • Active Recovery


Globus eWOD for Cross-Fit



  • Max eWOD
  • Strength Endur-X
  • Dynamic R&R
  • eWOD Pause
  • eWOD Rehab
  • Globus Programs


Top Rated Instructional DVDs

Clyde Hart 200/400M Sprint Training Program

$119.99 (2 DVD SET)


Legendary 200/400M sprint coach Clyde Hart delivers a three-hour-plus presentation on running the 200/400 including his total 400M training program.


Cliff Rovelto Mega-Drills for Sprints & Hurdles



Cliff Rovelto teaches over 50 different drills that will inject necessary balance and variation into practices, using proper technique and strength development as his guide.


Adrian Wheatley Drills & Mechanics for Sprinting



Coach Wheatley shares 50 plus drills he uses develop championship sprinters and explains the work behind the progression of the drills used and the goals of each drill.


Top Rated Instructional Books

Program Design for Sprints & Hurdles



This book is intended to teach coaches and athletes how to design a year-round training program.


Strength and Power for Maximum Speed



The two most critical components for maximum sprint speed are “Strength & Power” and Sprint Mechanics.


Derek Hansen’s Start Mechanics DVD


Start Mechanics

How to get the best start possible… in any sport… 2 point start, 3 point, 4 point… we cover them all!


Bud Winter Series (Re-Issued)

Bud Winter’s Relax and Win



The 1981 classic best seller updated in 2012. All sports are covered including boxing, baseball, swimming, basketball, tennis, soccer, football, rowing, figure skating, and of course Track & Field.

So You Want to be a Sprinter



Originally published in 1956, and revised in 1973, this ground breaking, best selling book still remains the Gold Standard for coaching sprinters. This is the 2010 updated edition.

Bud Winter Presents Arthur Lydiard

$35/3 audio CDs


In the fall of 1963, San Jose State University and Bud Winter hosted Arthur Lydiard to give a speech to athletes, coaches and professors. This rare audio recording is over 3 hours long!


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