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I am honored to be involved in the re-release of Bud Winter’s lost treasures.  Why pay hundreds of dollars at eBay for rare books? 

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Relax and Win (2012 Edition)

Relax and Win Cover web 200Relax and Win: Championship Performance in Whatever You Do

Make yourself relax! It can be done. Turn your most stressful situations into moments of peak performance.

Bud Winter, renowned coach and conditioning expert, unveils the secrets that helped his track stars sprint through the intensity and pressure of high-level competition to break 37 world records.

Exclusive interviews with such supercoaches and superstars as John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach; Mark Spitz, Olympic gold medalist in seven swimming events; Dick Vermeil, the 1981 Super Bowl coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, confirm the importance of relaxation in achieving championship performance.

The updated 2012 edition by Jimson Lee includes insights on figure skater Katarina Witt, Decathlete Daley Thompson and tennis star Boris Becker with legendary coach Frank Dick.

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Relax and Win presents a thorough yet easy-to-follow plan that can teach you how to:

  • Be calm under pressure
  • Discover new energy
  • Increase your level of concentration
  • Learn faster
  • Improve physical coordination
  • Increase self-confidence

The Rocket Sprint Start (2011)

Rocket Sprint Start Cover 200Anyone who saw Armin Hary of Germany at the 1960 Olympic Games will agree on two facts: one, he was one of the fastest starters of all time, and two, his pickup in the first 20 yards was amazing.

The original book was printed in 1964. A careful film analysis of Armin Hary’s form, taken from hundreds of slow motion pictures of the 1960 Olympic Games, revealed seven ways in which his form differed from the rest of the sprinters. In each case they were all a definite contribution toward faster block clearance and faster pickup.

Bud Winter pioneered modern Track and Field, while creating the “Science of Sprinting” with his thorough, step by step detailed analysis and scientific studies.

The new 2011 edition is co-authored by Jimson Lee.

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The book is broken down in 3 parts:

  1. The original book printed in 1964
  2. Jimson Lee continues with a modern example on the Sprint Start
  3. Comparing the 1960 Rocket Sprint Start to the Jamaican sprinters of 2008

So You Want to be a Sprinter (2010)

Originally published in 1956, and revised in 1973, this ground breaking, best selling book still remains the Gold Standard for coaching sprinters. The original two versions were used to train many Olympic medalists and world record holders. The new 2010 edition combines the best of both versions and includes detailed training plans for full time year ’round athletes, and one for multi-sport athletes beginning training in January.

The training plans that are in the book are the same ones used by TOMMIE SMITH, JOHN CARLOS, LEE EVANS, RONNIE RAE SMITH, all Olympic medal winners and World Record holders that Bud Winter coached.

Edited by John Stallcup and Jimson Lee (TechEd).

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The book covers:

  1. 3 ways to be a faster sprinter
  2. Starting technique and using blocks
  3. 8 essential drills for proper sprint form
  4. The gather and the finish lean
  5. Full detailed training plans for the year ’round athlete AND those starting in January
  6. Lee Evans specialized Training plan
  7. Relaxation
  8. The 7 attributes that makes a champion

Bud Winter presents Arthur Lydiard (2010)

Bud Winter Presents Arthur Lydiard Cover

In the fall of 1963, San Jose State University and Bud Winter hosted Arthur Lydiard to give a speech to athletes, coaches and professors.
Bud was interested in improving athletes at all levels both physical and mental.  Relax and Win is his great "mental preparation and success book".   That’s why he held these conferences.  As a coach, you can never stop learning… not even Bud himself!

This rare audio recording is over 3 hours long!

After the Introduction by Bud Winter, Arthur Lydiard gives a memorable 2 hour speech jammed packed with training tips, interesting stories, and a lot of funny moments!

In the last hour, Arthur Lydiard invites Olympians Murray Halberg and Peter Snell to speak and share on their training experiences, followed by a Question and Answer period from the audience.

Executive Producer: Jimson Lee.  Engineer and Producer: Philippe Neron

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