Program Design Method for Sprints & Hurdle [BOOK]

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A PROGRAM DESIGN METHOD for SPRINT & HURDLE TRAINING is a well documented and presented text intended to teach coaches and athletes how to design a year-round training program.

It provides a Non-Linear, Wave-Like Periodized Outline with integrated Strength Training (elastic strength, maximal strength and core strength) to follow in addition to explanations of all the pertinent training methods needed for design of training programs in all the phases of training.

The book uses a step-by-step, detailed description of all the necessary components of sprint/hurdle training and how to integrate them into Fall, Winter and Spring Training Phases with particular emphasis on how to adjust programs for all levels of talent within a program.

Everything from Testing, to how to compute correct percentages for the various types of training is included in an easy to understand manner. Each chapter is fully referenced and lists additional resource materials for coaches and athletes to access for background material.

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