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Globus SpeedCoach EMS for sport training, recovery and rehabilitation :: chosen by top coaches and elite athletes

SpeedEndurance.com has partnered exclusively with Globus Sport and Health Technologies for the latest in EMS technology. The new SpeedCoach Electrical Muscle Stimulator series is not available anywhere else.

The purpose of the innovative “SpeedCoach” series is to provide specialized programs directed at improving an athlete’s speed with an approach that integrates planned electrostimulation sessions with the actual speed, power and strength training performed on a weekly basis. The Globus “SpeedCoach” electrostimulators include scientifically proven training protocols that build up the key muscles required for running fast.

Because “SpeedCoach” technology preferentially recruits the fast-twitch muscle fibers using specific stimulation frequencies, speed athletes are provided with a more efficient means of training their muscles. No other product on the market provides this level of precision when it comes to speed training.

Other benefits with EMS units include recovery and rehabilitation protocols.

Unlike regular EMS units, the “SpeedCoach” series is bundled with a comprehensive training manual that guides you through both your regular training and your electrostimulation sessions to ensure an optimal balance is achieved. Globus has been a world leader in the electrostimulation and electrotherapy field for over 20 years.

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Setting up the SpeedCoach EMS Unit is Quick and Easy


What Our Customers Say

san francisco 49ers use Globus SpeedCoach Electrical Muscle Stimulator "I have been using the Globus SpeedCoach with my players for a number of years and have found that it has become an integral part of our off-­?season preparations and our in-­?season recovery efforts.

We have devised an approach that maximizes the use of the Globus SpeedCoach programs with very little effort and inconvenience. The user?friendly nature and customizable features of the Globus SpeedCoach are a big part of the attraction to this technology. And, the support provided by the Globus SpeedCoach team is amongst the best in high performance sport.”

Mark Uyeyama, Head Coach – Strength and Conditioning, San Francisco 49’ers

jacksonville jaguars use Globus SpeedCoach Electrical Muscle Stimulator

"The Globus SpeedCoach electrical muscle stimulation unit has been an invaluable tool in assisting our athletes maintain their state of readiness throughout the course of the season. As the bumps and bruises build, the ability to maintain their strength without the additional stress to the joints, tendons and ligaments is paramount.

Additionally, when our athletes are rehabbing an injury, we are still able to train all their other body parts that we could not work conventionally (i.e. high ankle sprain?still able to strengthen the calves, quads, glutes, and hamstrings)."

Tom Myslinski, Head Coach – Strength and Conditioning, Jacksonville Jaguars

donald chu plyometrics ems sports training

"The Globus Speed Coach has become an integral part of our practice.

It has proven itself to be the most effective unit available for neuromuscular rehab. It has allowed us to develop individual programs isolating muscle groups in a manner described in the old Soviet sports literature. My athletes have utilized the unit for both athletic performance development as well as reeducation from injury. In either case we have had only satisfaction with the results."

Dr. Donald Chu, PhD, author of 6 books on plyometrics; Director, Athercare Fitness & Rehabilitation, Castro Valley, CA; President, National Strength & Conditioning Association, 1994-­?1999

baylor university uses Globus SpeedCoach EMS

“The Globus SpeedCoach units have been a beneficial addition to the Baylor Athletic Performance program. Using the Active Recovery setting to help manage muscular fatigue and tightness is worth the price of the unit alone.

We have seen good results from the strength protocols as well  and look forward to expanding our use of these settings in the future. Bottom line, the SpeedCoach units are easy to use and very effective.”

Chris Ruf,  Director of Football – Athletic Performance, Baylor University

ucla football team uses Globus SpeedCoach EMS

“The Globus SpeedCoach is an essential part of any athletic performance enhancement program. No area is left untouched from recovery to strengthening protocols. The Globus SpeedCoach has all the modalities needed for athlete development built into one high quality unit.

A ‘return-­to-­play’ athlete will dramatically improve neuromuscular control and muscular strength in an accelerated manner as well as decrease inflammation and swelling with the programs on the unit.   The SpeedCoach accelerated my rehab from major knee surgery tremendously via the use of max strength and active recovery modes. The Globus SpeedCoach has all bases covered when it comes to the complete athletic performance enhancement. I would not operate without one.”

Ryan Reynolds, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, UCLA Football

chicago bulls globus speedcoach ems sports training

“The Globus SpeedCoach is the best electrical muscle stimulator I have ever used. It has special programming for the development of speed in a periodized training plan, and also includes programs for muscle tone reduction and rehabilitation applications.

I highly recommend this product and I use it on myself on a regular basis.” san francisco 49ers globus speedcoach ems users


Al Vermeil,   Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chicago Bulls, San Francisco 49’ers Championship Rings from both the NBA and NFL


Coach Al Vermeil on the SpeedCoach EMS Unit

In this video, Al Vermeil provides his thoughts on the new SpeedCoach Series of Globus Electronic Muscle Stimulators.

Comparison Chart

Globus SpeedCoach ComparisonsStill unsure which model to buy?Purchase the SpeedCoach Fitness for $549 and upgrade to the Sport model later paying only the difference plus shipping.