Strength and Power for Maximum Speed [BOOK]

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It has been well documented in the world of sprinting and hurdling that the two most critical components in the development of maximum sprint speed are: 1) Strength/Power and 2) Sprint Mechanics.

A search of written resources in regards to sprint mechanics will uncover volumes of information on proper sprint mechanics. In fact, all the major biomechanical analyses researched by this author in the last decade, show that sprint performances can be improved “if” vertical force can be increased through either strength gain, improvement in mechanical efficiency (direction of force application) or both.

While drills and methods for developing these mechanics may vary slightly from coach to coach, they are all basic or advanced methods aimed at developing the universally established mechanical principles of sprint technique.

Even with employment of strength and power exercises proven to specifically enhance the critical components of sprint mechanics, there exists a variety of periodization methods among the elite coaches and athletes. While most coaches divide up the Training Year into General Preparation, Specific Preparation and Competitive Season phases, multiple variations regarding types of exercises used in each phase, volume and intensity levels used, and number of weeks devoted to each of the various phases can be found.

It is the intention of this book to explore the proven principles regarding strength and power training as they relate directly to the development of maximum sprint speed and, hopefully, be a guide and resource to empower coaches and athletes with the ability to design specific Strength and Power Training plans that best meet their individual needs.

Many sprint and hurdle coaches who lack Strength Training backgrounds, tend to rely on methods used by elite coaches and athletes. This book is aimed towards those who relish the challenge of being both student and teacher. Truly, “he who dares to teach must never cease to learn”.

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