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Mondo Rubber Tracks and the Mondo Olympics

What would Bob Hayes or Ben Johnson run on today's new artificial track surfaces? Mondo has been around since the 1976 Montreal Olympics for Track and Field (Athletics), but Beijing 2008 was the first time using the new Mondotrack. Like the Speedo LZR swimsuits, the new Mondotrack from Mondo … [Read more...]

Darren Campbell Diet vs. Peter Radford Smorgasbord

I came across an old newspaper clipping from The Times' Feb 26, 2004 edition. They compared the diets of Darren Campbell vs. Peter Radford, and the journalist was biased towards today's modern science has done little to break sprinting records. Darren Campbell was a bronze medalist from the … [Read more...]

Nike Zoom Victory Track and Field Spikes


NOTE: These spikes are ideal for distances 800 meters and up, and will be available October 1, 2008 From NIKE Press release: Weight wise, 100 grams has always been the Holy Grail for a track spike. When Michael Johnson came to Nike, designers did everything possible to shave weight from his … [Read more...]

Asafa Powell Debuts Nike Zoom Aerofly at Beijing


Sprinter Asafa Powell Debuts Leading-Edge Nike Zoom Aerofly He'll Wear In Beijing From NIKE Press release: Nike's deep focus on innovation for the Beijing includes work with one of the world's fastest human beings sprinter Asafa Powell. In his bid to reclaim dominance in the 100 meters, Powell … [Read more...]

The Olympic Starting Gun and Starting Blocks Controversy

Every 4 years, the whole world focuses on the Olympics in particular Track and Field (or Athletics as it's called everywhere else in the world) Especially the 100 meters. However, everyone including the media loves controversy! On the eve of the 100 meters showdown between Asafa Powell, … [Read more...]

Joe Sarti presents – Your Life Without Limits

Joe Sarti is a contributing writer for Speedendurance, and was an Assistant Instructor for Dragondoor's Kettlebell Certification Joe Sarti presents "Your Life Without Limits". Your answer to holistic health and well-being. Fitness and health guru Joe Sarti hosts a new live internet talk radio … [Read more...]

Bicarbonate Loading Raises Ethical Issues As Performance-Enhancing Aid

I discussed the findings of Bicarbonate Loading in my monthly newsletter. At the time, I didn't want this Blog to be the focus of drugs or ergogenic aids, at least not the banned and illegal ones. It comes down to the ethical question of whether or not the athlete has a competitive advantage by … [Read more...]

The Speedo LZR Racer Swimsuit Bodysuit


Yesterday, I wrote about the Nike Swift Suit and Nike Track Spikes. With all the talk about the amazing comeback of Dara Torres, let's take a closer look at those swimsuits. It's hard to imagine a swimmer with more clothes than a track and field athlete. The Speedo LZR Racers Swimmers in … [Read more...]

The Nike Swift Suit and Nike Track Spikes

I love technology. But technology has to be available to everyone to be a level playing field. Remember the 1972 Olympic pole vault controversy? Bob Seagren won the gold medal in the 1968 Mexico City Olympic pole vault. In 1972, he had vaulted a world best 18 feet 5.75 inches that year … [Read more...]