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Get up 8.

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Sprinting: 10 Research Articles for Effective Sprint Training [Part 23]

Click here for all the previous Sprint Reviews  Paul Hoffman has read and researched several research papers on sprinting and performance articles, so you don’t have to.  If any of these articles interest you, feel free to research the case studies and methodology and come up with your own conclusions. Click on the link to the […]

My Top 5 Weight Exercises for Sprinters, and Why I’m Obsessed with Getting Stronger

The full title should read: My top 5 Weight Exercises for sprinters & Why I’m Obsessed with Getting Stronger But Not at the Expense of Flexibility. So in no particular order: My Top 5 Weight Training Exercises Squats Deadlifts Power Cleans One of the following:a. Reverse hypersb. Hyper-extension (feet locked, body bent fwd 90 degrees, […]

(Revised) Tokyo 2020 Olympic Timetable for Track & Field, and the 400-200 Double

Approximately 100 days from now, the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to begin. Full details are slowly trickling in, such as no foreign spectators, and massive testing. But most countries have not held their Trials or selections yet (except the Marathon), and most counties have had relaxed (or non existent) out-of-competition drug testing. As […]

The Classic 8-6-4-2-2 Weight Workout for Squats, Cleans, Bench

COVID UPDATE: UK Indoor leisure facilities, such as gyms & swimming pools, may re-open 12 April, 2021. I can hardly wait to get back into the weight room. It’s been over 1 year now, and I’m really getting tired of doing pushups, even though I own kettlebells and a 20Kg weight vest. When I do […]

I Weighed Myself Every Monday Morning for 1 Year and the Results Shocked Me

Photo credits: Isaac Wendland. It’s hard to believe it’s been one full year since the Pandemic started on March 23, 2020. As Bono once said, “We are in different boats, but we’re in the same storm“.  That being said, my goals are different than yours.  My training program is very different than your training program. But […]