Fall 7 times,
Get up 8.

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JOIN ME for our first Virtual Olympic Coaches’ Corner

Join me daily from July 31 to Aug 8 at 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm UK, 7pm CEST to get Europe and World top coaches insights on what’s happening and what comes next at the Olympics, as the games go on. SpeedEndurance.com & the European Athletics Coaches Association are pleased to announce its first Virtual […]

2021 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies – Did you know?

We’re 124 years into the Modern Olympics since 1896, and we can expect a few changes along the way. The Ancient (original Olympic Games were held from 776 B.C. to 394 A.D, so that’s over 1100 years! (Thanks to the Romans, who abolished it!) When you think about it, back in 776 B.C., they had […]

WMA Masters Predictors and Age-Grade Calculators

Everything you wanted to know about predicting your time in Masters Track! The problem is all these Age-grade calculations are based on current World Records, and we know WR are all based on Outliers. Just think of Kim Collins (or even Justin Gatlin turning 40 next year) running sub 10 seconds! Names like Willie Gault […]