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Bud Winter, Legendary track coach

Bud Winter Relax and Win
Podcaster Malcolm Gladwell has been putting Bud Winter into the well-deserved spotlight, highlighting the story of Speed city, a brainchild of this legendary coach.

Coach Winter most-famous book is ‘Relax to win’ – a coaching guide that benefits all athletes today.

Learn to Win


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With the passing of Dick Fosbury on March 12, 2023, I asked myself who was the first modern era person to radically change the Shot Put Glide technique? Who better to ask than Shaun Pickering? So I started a WhatsApp chat with him, but sadly Shaun passed away on May 12, 2023. The conversation below […]

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Last summer’s 2022 World Championships in Eugene are now a distant memory. Good memories, however, but in no particular order… Tobi, Mondo, Sydney, Noah, Canada’s 4×100 relay… it was a wonderful 10 days of competition. It was also 10 consecutive days of the Coaches Club. Early mornings for the Recap & Review of the day’s […]

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I am please to announce after a 3 year hiatus that IFAC (International Festival of Coaching) is back as a an In person conference, with the option of Virtual remote if you can’t travel. Where & When November 4-6, 2022, Palaindoor Padova, Padova, Italy.You have the option of the full weekend, single days, or 100% […]

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As promised, here is last week’s recording from our roundtable discussion (with Closed Caption, sub-titles, and multiple language translations, just in case). In this video, we had a 400 meter discussion with Kevin Tyler (ALTIS) and Mike Hurst (Fastrack 400) on all things 400m. Connecting this global initiative was a challenge, with Mike in Australia, […]

The Best Free Coaching Book – post Beijing 2022 Olympics

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The Ultimate 400m Track Webinar for Coaches & Athletes

JOIN ME this Tuesday February 15th when Kevin Tyler, Mike Hurst, and myself will host a Zoom Webinar on everything 400 meters. There is no cost, and it will be recorded for those who can’t make it. Connecting this global initiative was a challenge, with Mike in Australia, Kevin in the USA, and myself in […]