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The Trinity: How to Train Acceleration, Max Velocity and Speed Endurance

The Trinity In life, I’ve learned that there’s no absolutes, and that’s no more evident than in my pursuit of coaching.  Every time I’m convinced that I caught the white rabbit, it just slips away and finds another hole. My latest chase has me re-examining our pursuit of max velocity.  Now wait; hear me out. […]

7 Habits of Elite Sprinters

Success always leaves clues, and this is no different with sprinting. I started running track when I was 7 years old, and it brought me to the NCAA, and the 2012 Olympics. Through the entire journey, there were clear habits that most successful sprinters shared. These habits are more about the intangibles that stood out over the […]

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Timetable for Track & Field

The long awaited timetable for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been released for Athletics (Track & Field), and as usual, there are a few unusual quirks to the program. Click here to view the timetable in JPG (950kb) 4×400 Mixed Relays This is a new event, and it’s a straight final on Day 2 (Saturday) […]

Sprinting: 10 Research Articles for Effective Sprint Training [Part 21]

Click here for all the previous Sprint Reviews  Paul Hoffman has read and researched several research papers on sprinting and performance articles, so you don’t have to.  If any of these articles interest you, feel free to research the case studies and methodology and come up with your own conclusions. (Click on the link to the […]

Ron Davis & Filbert Bayi: Looking to Past for its Athletics Future [Part 2]

>> Click here for Part 1. This article is written by Myles Schrag, a freelance writer based in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. He is working with Ron Davis and Filbert Bayi on their memoirs. At the time of this writing, Feb 2019, Ron Davis is back in Tanzania. Bayi – Making a Difference Back Home While […]